You know you’re a Serb When…………

Your family owns a coffee grinder..and a nut grinder

Duck tape is your father’s only tool next to using a kitchen knife as a screwdriver 

All slave have the same cuisine “supa, sarma, Pecenje”.

All weddings have the same cuisine “supa, sarma, Pecenje”.

All christenings have the cuisine “supa, sarma, Pecenje”.

There is a 120-gallon barrel of wine and Cabbage in your garage.

Your parents never go on vacations because they are afraid to leave you home alone for a week.

You have the biggest sandwiches at school, always consisting of “prsut Or salami”.

Your dad wears dress socks with tennis shoes.

Your last name ends with a CH

Your church has a fully loaded bar

You only go out of town for Serbian Tournaments and Dances

When you celebrate Christmas and Easter and New Years one week after everyone else

You teach all your American friends Serbian cuss words

When all your Serbian friend’s dads offer you slivo at age 16.

“Everyone is sure that you’re Italian or Greek”

A Serbian baby shower is as big as most American weddings!

When your friends can’t understand why your summer vacation consists of playing golf in a town called Farrell or Aliquippa.

You know you’re a Serb when your neighbors never see you during Memorial Day Weekend because you’re traveling with ‘that choir’.

When you make a pilgrimage to Chicago

When you date someone from church

You know you’re a serb when you are 25, live on you own, and still sneak up the stairs when you get home at six in the morning.

Cevapcici on the grill are better than steak any day

When your american friends come to your party and beg for you to play something in english

When a lamb/pig was roasted on a backyard pit for your graduation party to the horror of your friends

When you roll pancakes and eat them as a dessert after dinner

You don’t understand the language of your church prayers

Your parents tell you that “gurlz” love guys that can dance a good kolo

You can make a public announcement by telling just one Serb friend something in confidence.

You’re the only one on your block that has Christmas lights out on your house till well after December 25th

You eat bread that’s ripped up in a bowl of hot milk and love it.


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