The Celebration of Anil Noel Rodrigues

This past Saturday was the Celebration of Anil Rodrigues’s life at Friends House in Pittsburgh.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Justin Greenwald, Brock Bellich, Maria Bellich and Abbi Novic for their attendance and sharing of music and dance with Anil’s friends and family.

Anil was a extremely  brilliant man. He had a few hobbies and passions. Dance, Music, Photography and playing the harmonica.


How many knew Anil recorded three CD’s of his harmonica playing? In celebration and recognition of his passion, I have been able to attain the three CD’s. Anil was passionate about education and mentoring our young. I thank the family for this music. In tribute if you should feel the passion, please make a donation to the American Serbian Club Foundation on behalf of the memory and celebration of Anil. Your contributions are tax deductible and will support our Youth scholarship program and weekly broadcasting of the Serbian Club Radio hour.  I know Anil would be honored for this acknowledgement and your contribution.  We thank the family for the gift of having known him and bless him on a pleasant journey.

American Serbian Club Foundation

2524 Sarah St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Please enjoy his music;

Disk 1

Disc 2

Disk 3