A Special Request to Our Members and Friends

On Saturday October 17th, there will be a celebration of Anil’s life at the Friends Meeting house set for 1:30pm. This is near Carnegie Mellon University.


The coordinator for this event has followed up with me to inquire if anyone felt the spirit to share a Serbian dance or music at the event.

I unfortunately told her , that I had not heard from anyone as of yet.

If it is possible for someone to step up, that would be appreciated. Please contact me directly. Click on the link below.

I can help with Anil’s Celebration

I believe he blessed us with his attendance and participation at the club. He paid his door fee and always purchased a pop of two.  I think what he showed us, was the American Serbian Club is still important, it is worth having around. It provided a place to go for comradery, reflection and spiritual uplifting through the music that is played. It’s a place that for a little time you can forget the hustle and bustle of what happens outside its doors.