ASC/SOKOL Cash Bash – 2015 Winners Listing

Great event, well attended. If you weren’t there you missed it!

So did you win? Did a friend of yours win? Does someone who owes you money Win? Here are the winners.

ASC and Sokol Cash Bash Winners 2015

Special appreciation to Dushie Mamula and his crew of volunteers for pulling off this event with style and quality.

Danny Danilovic Speaks out on his New Band Coming to Pittsburgh !

Danilovic Speaks out on his New Band Coming to Pittsburgh !

The KOLO and Wedding Band ….Breaks Out!!!


Hear the One on One Interview as Our Radio DJ Steve Capuzzi digs deep into the band’s new lead in a new direction

The Preview – The One on One Interview


Adding a ROCK flavor to the Old and new Music . Listen to this Sunday’s October 25th Serbian Sounds of Music and hear our DJ Steve Capuzzi play music from Danny’s Past and the new sounds moving forward.

New music in a new direction, Rock on… Serbian Sounds of Music DJ  Steve Capuzzi conducted a one and one interview with Danny Danilovic on his upcoming event at the American Serbian Club  scheduled Friday 8PM October 30. Rumor is there may be some celebrities and new faces. This music is crossing over into the Folk Rock segment and there are many that will drop on by and see one of the masters and his hand selected crew …. Pero Momich former United Serb, Boro Kuridza, Chicago’s Rock Guitarist and Pittsburgh’s own our local Justin Greenwald.

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Serbian Sounds of Music Radio Shows September, October and November 2015

Sundays Serbian Sounds of Music Radio Shows for September , October and November are now posted


At the end of this Month September’s shows will be deleted. You’ll have a month to download October’s shows before they are removed.

If you missed Sundays show you are able to download and catch up on all the current events at the club, church and community. We have some nice events coming up soon so don’t miss the details.

Radio Shows are located on the Radio Show Page tab on our Website

11 things more likely to happen than winning the Powerball jackpot – Winning the ASC Cash Bash Major Prize of $2,500 is one of them

So what are the odds of any single ticket winning the Powerball big Prize? 1 in 175,223,510

  1. The purchase of one American Serbian Club Cash Bash ticket for $25 to win $2,500 makes it more likely you will win the Grand Prize  1 in 500 ( two numbers per ticket) than PowerBall at 1 in 175,223,510

  2. The next time you rush across the street in South Side as the light is about to change, (not mentioning any name’s Robbie Stone) keep in mind it’s much likelier you’ll die as a pedestrian than win the jackpot: 1 in 701
  3. Think you’re perfect 3-point shot makes you a shoo-in for the Dallas Mavericks, Vince Defebo ? The odds of being drafted to play in the NBA after college if you’re a high school senior basketball player are a slim 1 in 6,864,000
  4. Afraid to fly? Then skip to the next bullet point, because the odds of dying in air and space transport incidents are 1 in 7,178
  5. If you haven’t yet bought a ticket because you thought the odds of you winning the prize are as slim as the chances of dating Brad Pitt — not so fast. According to the Book of Odds, the odds of being a movie star are 1 in 1,505,000. Reeling one in… that one’s up to you, but becoming a movie star first can’t hurt just ask Lisa Tomasovich .
  6. It’s (frighteningly much) likelier you’ll die getting struck by lightning than win the Powerball jackpot: 1 in 134,906
  7. The next time you’re having a picnic in the great outdoors, watch out for buzzing insects, because the odds of dying from a hornet, wasp or bee sting are 1 in 79,842 
  8. If you gasped upon seeing Honey Boo Boo’s niece’s duplicate thumb on national television, you’ll probably be even more surprised to find out that polydactyly is not a rare condition. The odds of being born with extra fingers or toes are 1 in 500.
  9. Your odds of becoming a U.S. president are 1 in 10 million, according to this article. Donald Trump obviously found those odds attractive enough.
  10. There’s a 1 in 11.5 million chance you’ll get attacked by a shark. But with El Nino these odds may know have to be adjusted in the favor of the Sharks.
  11.  One in 12,500 amateur golfers will make a hole in one on a par 3 hole. Unless your Guy Defebo using a foot wedge.

So, logic says ” Buy a Cash Bash Ticket” because your odds are not really that bad… and with your two numbers on each ticket you have  16 chances through the night to win $150 – $300 Dollars.

With the purchase of your ticket you get the following additional values and entertainment

  1. World famous Cash Bash cuisine
  2. The Best soft drinks our money will buy
  3. The coldest beer in town
  4. Strippers with tickets…. sorry I mean  Strip Tickets
  5. Money Wheels
  6. Table Games

See you all there!

There are a few tickets available please contact Dusan Mamula if you need any extra chances to win.

Ever thought of buying a ticket for a friend and then if you win taking 95% of the winnings just saying there’s enough to go around.

The Celebration of Anil Noel Rodrigues

This past Saturday was the Celebration of Anil Rodrigues’s life at Friends House in Pittsburgh.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Justin Greenwald, Brock Bellich, Maria Bellich and Abbi Novic for their attendance and sharing of music and dance with Anil’s friends and family.

Anil was a extremely  brilliant man. He had a few hobbies and passions. Dance, Music, Photography and playing the harmonica.


How many knew Anil recorded three CD’s of his harmonica playing? In celebration and recognition of his passion, I have been able to attain the three CD’s. Anil was passionate about education and mentoring our young. I thank the family for this music. In tribute if you should feel the passion, please make a donation to the American Serbian Club Foundation on behalf of the memory and celebration of Anil. Your contributions are tax deductible and will support our Youth scholarship program and weekly broadcasting of the Serbian Club Radio hour.  I know Anil would be honored for this acknowledgement and your contribution.  We thank the family for the gift of having known him and bless him on a pleasant journey.

American Serbian Club Foundation

2524 Sarah St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Please enjoy his music;

Disk 1

Disc 2

Disk 3


A Special Request to Our Members and Friends

On Saturday October 17th, there will be a celebration of Anil’s life at the Friends Meeting house set for 1:30pm. This is near Carnegie Mellon University.


The coordinator for this event has followed up with me to inquire if anyone felt the spirit to share a Serbian dance or music at the event.

I unfortunately told her , that I had not heard from anyone as of yet.

If it is possible for someone to step up, that would be appreciated. Please contact me directly. Click on the link below.

I can help with Anil’s Celebration

I believe he blessed us with his attendance and participation at the club. He paid his door fee and always purchased a pop of two.  I think what he showed us, was the American Serbian Club is still important, it is worth having around. It provided a place to go for comradery, reflection and spiritual uplifting through the music that is played. It’s a place that for a little time you can forget the hustle and bustle of what happens outside its doors.