Entertainment weekly at the American Serbian Club

In our efforts to maintain and promote Serbian folk music. The American Serbian Club has recommitted it’s efforts to provide weekly entertainment. You will find a mix of talented musicians and Orkestras as they play many of the Balkan favorites. Come enjoy traditional foods and a mix or your favorite beverages. Come sit and listen or dance the night away.

We are a private members club. Your membership provides you the most economical entertainment and drink values in the South Side. For $5 dollar annual social membership you have access to the clubs entertainment and low cost drinks and foods from the homeland. We are your best value for entertainment in the South Side.

Compare the value:

  • One specialty drink in South Side – Parking $3, Door $10, Drink $10  = Total $23 dollars. The fun of being around people you don’t know.
  • ASC: Parking $3, Door $5, Drink $4 =Total $12 dollars being around people you know. PRICELESS

Follow us on Facebook and watch as we post nightly LIVE during our events.

– Ziveli