ASC ” Golden Premier Event ” with performance by ” FORTE “

forte logoWe are looking forward to our premier gig on Friday September 20, 2013 at 9PM. We have arrived at a final name:

Band Name: “FORTE” It’s a play on the dual meaning of the word. Of course it’s a musical term meaning loud or strong, but it’s also a term that means skill or talent as in “world music is our forte”. We wanted something recognizable and unique.


Frank Bozicevic: Accordion & Keyboard

Andy Bronkaj: Violin

Mark Poloka: Clarinet, Frula, Flute/Recorder

Paul Hladio: Bass

Bob Vukic: Bugarija & Guitar


o Core will be Eastern European music.

o Refreshed with a plethora of new songs as well as fresh takes on favorites.

o Expand to include other ethnic groups/genres such as Ukrainian, Greek, Italian, Gypsy, Polka, etc as well as an infusion of Continental and selected Pop songs.

We plan to consistently introduce a few new tunes, execute some old favorites with a fresh twist and of course play kolos and dance music to meet the needs of the crowd. We want to be a band that fully engages with the crowd and delights them in a new way.

On behalf of the members of our group, we are appreciative of the support shown by the leadership at the club for this “first gig” opportunity. We expect to have a nice crowd and will of course effort to have friends, family and interested parties show up in strong numbers.

Thanks to all. See you on Friday 9/20 at the American Serbian Club of Pittsburgh

Bob Vukic