KnucklesBar-SF9-24-11The Braća Tamburica Orchestra of Chicago will be the featured band for a special Tambura Night in Pittsburgh, PA Friday July 26, 2013. This will be the first stop on a two city trip into Pennsylvania. The second show will be on Saturday night July 27th in Steelton, PA at the St. Lawrence Club. We welcome all of our many friends, fans, Duquesne Alumni, musicians, and kolo dancers in the Tri-State area, to join us for a huge reunion and party night. 41 years have lapsed since Rudy Grasha last rocked this area with his awesome accordion playing, and, along with his talented bandmates are expected to put on a great show. In the front row you have two current candidates for nomination to the Tamburitza Hall of Fame, Rudy Grasha on accordion and Wally Pravica on violin. Wally is originally from Hamilton, Ontario and grew up playing in the Lackawanna/Buffalo area with the likes of Tillie Klaich and Charlie Smilinich. He later went on to play with the Medich Brothers, Marty Kapugi and the Dunav Orchestras throughout his career. In the back row is a pretty solid core of musicians with two additional Hall of Famers in John Gornick on celo, and Band Leader, Rich Krilich, on bugaria. The band is anchored by their very talented bass player, Frank Mosca. This should make for a great night of music and camaraderie for all.