Special Srpska Noc presenting Gipsy Stringz with cymbalom player Alex Udvary

The American Serbian Club is please to bring to you a special event on the evening of September 7, 2012 @ 9:00PM

Gipsy Stringz with George Batyi, Jerry Grcevich, Peter Kosovec, Bobby Sestilli, and David Kosovec and cymbalom player extravagant Alex Undvary 

The Gipsy Stringz is composed of:

George Batyi – violin
Peter Kosovec – brac/vocals
Bob Sestili – bass
Jerry Grcevich – bugarija/vocals
David Kosovec – celo/vocals

Check this link for more information on Gipsy Stringz: Gipsy Stringz Profile and Music

Alex Udvary began his musical career studying the piano at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and is now an accomplished pianist. He learned the cimbalom from his father. Among cimbalom players in America today, Alex Udvary is considered the best. His name is known even in Europe. Frequently, when European artists are on tour here, he is asked to accompany them. 

Check the link  below for more information on: 

Alex Udvary Profile and Music