Special Srpska Noc presenting Gipsy Stringz with cymbalom player Alex Udvary

The American Serbian Club is please to bring to you a special event on the evening of September 7, 2012 @ 9:00PM

Gipsy Stringz with George Batyi, Jerry Grcevich, Peter Kosovec, Bobby Sestilli, and David Kosovec and cymbalom player extravagant Alex Undvary 

The Gipsy Stringz is composed of:

George Batyi – violin
Peter Kosovec – brac/vocals
Bob Sestili – bass
Jerry Grcevich – bugarija/vocals
David Kosovec – celo/vocals

Check this link for more information on Gipsy Stringz: Gipsy Stringz Profile and Music

Alex Udvary began his musical career studying the piano at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and is now an accomplished pianist. He learned the cimbalom from his father. Among cimbalom players in America today, Alex Udvary is considered the best. His name is known even in Europe. Frequently, when European artists are on tour here, he is asked to accompany them. 

Check the link  below for more information on: 

Alex Udvary Profile and Music



Special Engagement from Canada – Prijatelji


September 29, 2012  Saturday Night ! 8:00PM at the American Serbian Club

In the centre of Belgrade in the Old Town (Stari Grad) borough there is a pedestrian cobblestoned and lamp lit area in preservation of its historical character by the City called Skadarlija. Skadarska Street is one of the most famous streets in the City. Skadarlija itself is known as the Bohemian Quartre where poets, writers, singers and performers became synonymous with the street nearly 100 years ago. It’s a modest curved wide walkway full of some of the best restaurants in Belgrade that serve traditional Serbian cooked foods, grilled foods, local spirits, desserts; and, traditional folk music, played on acoustic stringed instruments called tamburas, in many of the restaurants. Take your musical ears.
With Clarinet, Accordion, upright bass and Guitar join us as they recreate this music and atmosphere for an evening of relaxing entertainment.

Major Announcement: Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Cathedral

The American Serbian Club congratulates HTC on being awarded the hosting of  the 2013 SNF Summer Golf Tournament. ASC will be hosting various events in support of HTC during this four day event.

Remember to mark your calendar and contact all your friends in town to make your “I’m coming to town can I stay at your place reservations” 🙄



Major Announcement : 

Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
450 Maxwell Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15236 E-mail Bulletin:  August 9, 2012
Congratulations to Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Cathedral  their bid to host the 2013 SNF Summer Golf Tournament has been accepted by the SNF !!!

The award was announced at the Saturday banquet at the SNF Golf Tournament
this past weekend in Lansing, IL. The dates will be Wednesday, July 31 through Saturday, August 3, 2013
More details will be presented at the Informational Meeting being held after
Divine Liturgy on Sunday, August 19th.
“Together We Can” … run a great SNF Golf Tournament !!!