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Website Editor - Val Tassari

As we transition into our new Website, I would like to introduce you to our first website Editor: Val Tassari, a long time member and supporter of the American Serbian Club. She would be the one on the right   🙄 🙂 

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Serbian History 101 – Welcome!  Dobro Nam Dosli!


This site is dedicated to those who voluntarily desire to learn more about the wonderful American Serbian Orthodox heritage, responsibly empowering  them to go on and pass their knowledge on to others.  It celebrates, shares and sustains the vitality of the Serbs (artistry/empathy/inventiveness/big-picture thinking, the American principle of self-determination) for present and future generations.  It promotes the continuity of a culture that has enriched America not only with material wealth, but more importantly, good values.  Respect. Honor. Integrity. Importance of Education are but a few.

Serbian History 101 – Welcome!  Dobro Nam Dosli!.